Passages Malibu Inpatient Center

Anyone who has been to the Malibu mansion high up in the hills, agrees to put it in pen that Passages Malibu is the synonym of extravagance. You just do not get the view of the white pacific tides on the shore, it is the mansion in itself worth a visit. It is well-suited to the needs of the addicts to get them inner peace in less time. If the beauty does not heal the mind and body, it definitely has some positive effect on the patient. Chris Prentiss has truly provided this as heaven on earth, while trying to offer a good quality rehab center.

His journey began with his son, Pax, ten year’s long addiction to drugs and alcohol. Pax could not find relief anywhere in the Rehab centers. All that he and his father received was poor quality treatment. It was in 2001 that Chris founded Passages Malibu to provide a rehab center where the overrated 12-Step approach would not be focused upon. It never worked for Pax which made Chris sure that every patient has different needs. Therefore, inpatient center provides individualized therapies to every patient necessary to heal his kind of addiction. Pax believed in healing his addiction and then Chris helped him to get to the root cause of his addiction. The cause being that he felt bad about being unable to meet his father’s accomplishments.

At Passages Malibu, the underlying conditions are traced out to devise a treatment program accordingly. The treatment does not take addiction as a disease. It is believed that addiction is due to some illness or happening in the past, which makes one vulnerable to drugs and alcohol. Moreover, the patients have various activities at the center; ranging from yoga, swimming, hiking to one state of the art gym.

The group sessions help bond and collectively strive towards their goal to free themselves. Passages was specifically created to offer a good quality treatment center. The Prentiss went a little forward and made it extravagantly luxurious. The healthcare Global magazine went so far to name it as the number rehab facility in the world.

To one’s surprise, neither of the Prentiss’s hold any degree in the field of addiction treatment. But still they offer one remarkable way of healing addiction. Some famous celebrities have also made use of this experience and they have recommended it through media. The celebrities choose it over other rehabs as they get to have their private time in the Malibu Hills, without any publicity of their personal affairs. It is because privacy is needed for once in a while, even by celebrities who otherwise fight for media time. Passages Malibu inpatient center actually caters to every need and it is just the best option if you can afford it.