Benefits of Inpatient Drug Rehab

From prescription drugs to heroin, marijuana or cocaine, drug abuse and addiction is a damaging and often life-threatening illness that requires urgent attention. Relationships, careers, physical health, and even your survival are at risk, and getting the best chance at a permanent recovery is an important step.

Although outpatient treatments can succeed, inpatient treatment has a higher success rate and may be an absolute necessity depending on the substance you have been using and the severity of your addiction. Rather than asking yourself if you can afford to take several months away from your usual routine to undergo drug rehabilitation, you need to ask yourself if you can afford not to do so.

Do I need inpatient drug rehab?

Once you have recognized that you have a drug problem, you should see your doctor for advice right away. Remember, addiction is a disease, so medical advice is needed. If you don’t feel comfortable consulting your usual doctor about your problem, call a treatment center for a referral.

A doctor will discuss your options with you, and if he or she recommends inpatient treatment, it would be foolish or even dangerous to attempt any other form of rehabilitation. Recovery from addiction is a lengthy process and involves more than detoxing. Many addicts detox in hospital, only to return to their addiction. This can have fatal consequences.

Is inpatient treatment expensive?

The cost of your treatment depends on a lot of variables including the problem you are striving to overcome, the severity of your addiction, and the facility you choose. Medical insurance often covers all or part of inpatient rehabilitation, and many centers also offer payment plans that accommodate your needs.

Cost should not be your primary concern when choosing a rehabilitation and recovery center. Choose a facility with a treatment approach that you are comfortable with. For example, you may or may not prefer a faith-based program. Remember that your rehabilitation is an investment in a better life, and choose accordingly.

What are the benefits of inpatient programs?

First and foremost, withdrawal is an uncomfortable process that can even be dangerous if attempted without medical supervision. Qualified medical personnel can help you through this difficult part of your recovery, making it safer and more comfortable than it otherwise would have been.

Your living environment may have contributed to your addiction, and if it didn’t, it may trigger cravings as you are reminded of the circumstances in which you pursued your habit. Being in a safe and unfamiliar environment removes you from the stresses, reminders and temptations that could trigger a relapse before you have recovered enough to handle these triggers.

Your rehabilitation center will offer you both professional and peer support to help you to deal with the psychological reasons why you succumbed to addiction. You will have trained counsellors to give you individualized therapy, and you will have an opportunity to interact with other people who are going through the same process as you are.

Time well spent

Although you may initially feel dismayed by the time you will need to launch your recovery process, your choice of inpatient drug rehabilitation is the best decision you will ever make. It’s well worth spending a few months in rehabilitation in order to enjoy a longer, more fruitful, happier and more rewarding life. Inpatient drug rehabilitation will help you to fulfil your real potential, improve your financial and emotional life and put you on the road to becoming the person you always wanted to be.

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